SOLIDWORKS Simulation Packages

SOLIDWORKS Simulation brings advanced Simulation capabilities to the fingertips of engineers and designers. This easy to use and powerful suite of tools allows you to evaluate performance, improve quality and increase product innovation. Test your design under real life conditions before creating expensive time consuming prototypes. Evaluate a wide range of parameters such as durability, static and dynamic response, motion of assembly, heat transfer, fluid dynamics, and plastics injection moulding.
Discover Simulation Premium in Ireland

Simulation Premium

Simulation Premium is the flagship offering with all the capabilities of Professional and Standard and additional tools for simulating nonlinear and dynamic responses, dynamic loading and composite materials.

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Discover Simulation Professional in Ireland

Simulation Professional

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional gives designers and engineers easy to use tools to calculate mechanical resistance, durability, natural frequencies and test heat transfers and buckling instabilities prior to physical prototyping.

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Discover SOLIDWORKS Premium in Ireland


SOLIDWORKS Premium allows users to test product performance against real life motion and forces before creating expensive prototypes. Analyse the performance of assembles, welded structures and sheet metal parts.

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Discover Flow Simulation - CFD in Ireland

Flow Simulation - CFD

SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation allows you to efficiently and easily simulate fluid flow and heat transfer. Evaluate the fluid forces in your design before creating prototypes. Take the complexity out of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). 

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Discover Flow Simulation - HVAC in Ireland

Flow - HVAC Module

Product Engineers can efficiently evaluate gas movement and temperature in working and living environments, as well as lighting applications, concurrent with design using the Flow Simulation HVAC applications module.

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Discover Flow Simulation Electronic Cooling in Ireland

Flow - Electronic Cooling Module

Designers in the electronics industry can optimise the cooling strategy for electronic components concurrent to the design process with the Electronics Cooling Module for Flow Simulation.

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Discover SOLIDWORKS Plastics in Ireland


SOLIDWORKS Plastics brings easy-to-use injection moulding simulation directly to the designers of plastic parts and injection moulds, as well as advanced CAE analysis. Fully integration into SOLIDWORKS makes it instantly familiar.

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Discover SOLIDWORKS Sustainability in Ireland

SOLIDWORKS Sustainability

Included in SOLIDWORKS Premium, SOLIDWORKS Sustainability enabled you to conduct life cycle assessment (LCA) on parts or assemblies. Compare material choices and monitor in real time their environmental impact. 

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